Seafood Set

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Serves 4 – 5 pax.

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Serves 4 – 5 pax.

This set is perfect for our seafood fans!

Vegetable, seafood and processed meat quantity follows that of ala carte, except for prawns (15 pcs in seafood set). Seafood weight are in frozen state.

Soup Base comes in a dry vacuum pack with instructions to prepare the soup at home. Please be sure to have milk/creamer and 1 tbsp oil at home if you opt for Herb Chicken.

Choices provided are fixed.


White Clam (500g) + Prawn (15 pcs)

Premium Seafood (500g x 3)

Baby Cuttlefish + Flower Squid + Black Mussels, Baby Cuttlefish + Flower Squid + Gong Gong, Baby Cuttlefish + Black Mussels + Gong Gong, Flower Squid + Black Mussels + Gong Gong

Processed Meat

Salmon Ball + Fish Ball, Salmon Ball + Cheese Tofu, Salmon Ball + Crabstick, Salmon Ball + Lobster Ball, Fish Ball + Cheese Tofu, Fish Ball + Crabstick, Fish Ball + Lobster Ball, Cheese Tofu + Crabstick, Cheese Tofu + Lobster Ball, Crabstick + Lobster Ball


Enoki Mushroom + Baby Corn + Baby Cabbage

Noodle (5 pcs)

Shanghai, Steamboat, Spinach, Maggi

Soup Base (2.5L)

Herb Chicken, Mala Level 1, Mala Level 2, Mala Level 3


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