Signature Set

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Serves 4 – 5 pax.

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Serves 4 – 5 pax.

This set includes meat and seafood for a fuller Jinshang Yipin experience.

Seafood, vegetable, and processed meat quantity follows that of ala carte. Meat quantity is 500g x 5 marinations.

Soup Base comes in a dry vacuum pack with instructions to prepare the soup at home. Please be sure to have milk/creamer and 1 tbsp oil at home if you opt for Herb Chicken.

Choices provided are fixed.

Chicken 1 (500g)

Goji, Lemon, Satay, Mala, Curry, Black Pepper

Chicken 2 (500g)

Goji, Lemon, Satay, Mala, Curry, Black Pepper

Beef (500g)

Mala, Black Pepper

Mutton (500g)

Cumin, Satay


Prawn, White Clam

Seafood Premium

Baby Cuttlefish, Flower Squid, Gong Gong, Black Mussels

Processed Meat

Salmon Ball + Fish Ball, Salmon Ball + Cheese Tofu, Salmon Ball + Crabstick, Salmon Ball + Lobster Ball, Fish Ball + Cheese Tofu, Fish Ball + Crabstick, Fish Ball + Lobster Ball, Cheese Tofu + Crabstick, Cheese Tofu + Lobster Ball, Crabstick + Lobster Ball


Enoki Mushroom + Baby Corn + Baby Cabbage

Noodle (5 pcs)

Shanghai, Steamboat, Spinach, Maggi

Soup Base (2.5L)

Herb Chicken, Mala Level 1, Mala Level 2, Mala Level 3


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